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The Andrakk ADK9611HC Halogen Oven comes with functions such as boiling, broiling, defrosting, frying(with little or no oil), baking, grilling, barbeque making, steaming and roasting.Capacity : Boils; broils; defrosts; frys(with little or no oil); bakes; grills; barbeques; steams; roasts. Self cleaning fuction; transparent glass bowl; 80% energy saving; even cooking (no need for self turning while the food cooks)CARBON HEATING ELEMENT 110V/240V 1200-1400W 50/60hz.Glass bowl capacity: 12ltrs with 5ltrs added Extender.Basic accessories: low rack; high rack; tongs.         Optional Accessory: fry pan, steamer, bread rack , Lid rack.                                                                       ..

₦29,600.00 ₦24,200.00


4 Durable Stainless Steel Heating Element for Fine Heating, Baking, Toasting and Grilling4 Stages Heating Selector100-250 Degrees Centigrade60 Minutes Timer with end Bell RingAnti Heating Scalded Door Opening DesignPower Indicator LightCapacity 20l..


Eurosonic 20L Electric Oven With Barbeque Function

The Eurosonic Electric Oven features the safest, energy saving, easy-to-operate technology, for healthier cooking. It comes with an in-built timer of 60 minutes duration, top barbeque function and a full window view.If you are looking for comfort and ease in the kitchen opt for this 20-Litre capacity Eurosonic oven. This is a must have in every kitchen.FEATURES:60 Minutes timer with bell ring100 - 250 degree c temperature selector stainless steel heating elements4 stages of switch heating selectorindicator lampFull view windowTop barbecue functionQuantity:1pc/ctn220v-50Hz,1200wMeasurement:445x340x320mm..


Nexus Electric Kitchen Oven 2100

The Nexus Digital Electric Oven NX 2100 control feature makes it easier to set cooking and heating temperatures and also has a digital timer that shows the time through display. You can count on having meals heated or cooked at just the right temperature. this Nexus Digital Electric Oven NX 2100 has a line grill function that will help you brown the top layer of your dishes evenly and beautifully. Nexus Digital Electric Oven NX 2100 is perfect for grilling poultry, steak, fish and vegetables, Helps you to easily and quickly bring frozen foods back to normal room temperature...


Saisho Electric Oven 906 Black

Saisho Electric Oven S-906 is a well-designed kitchen appliance that packs outstanding features which makes it possible for you to prepare a variety of dishes in quick time. It is highly efficient and can be used for both baking and grilling. You can have properly grilled chicken and fish or mouth-watering pastries whenever you want with this reliable electric oven. It has a compact and portable build so it can be placed on your kitchen top without it taking up much space. The transparent door enables you monitor the grilling or baking process. It has two different knobs for temperature control and time setting so you can regulate the heat to suit the particular food you are preparing as well as set the time of baking to your convenience...


Saisho Electric Oven 919 Silver

The Saisho electric oven bakes, broils and toasts at 60 minutes timer or as you so desire. Featuring the safest, energy-saving, easy-to-operate technology, for a healthier cooking...